Businesses like yours are increasingly looking to developing economies to expand their business. Organizations in those developing economies seek state-of-the-art know-how, capital and experience to create a thriving sustainable agricultural sector.

We help to bring (business) cultures and diverging levels of economic development together in India, offering business development and program execution services to governmental, agribusiness and agri-knowledge organizations

RenewThink operates as a virtual extension of your organization, professionally represents you in dealings with private parties, government officials and semi-government agencies. We work closely with you, your business managers and delivery teams to execute market studies, identify opportunities, develop proposals, follow up, and provide program management for your projects.

Each project is different: we work with you on the specific tasks of each phase of the project. Generally, we start with a thorough reconnaissance to understand the market, the players and the opportunity. On that basis, we will design a tailor made approach to suit your needs.

RenewThink offers you dedicated international business development and program management resources in India at a fraction of the cost. Become more culturally aligned with your growth market, with access to local markets through our local networks.


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