GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database (The Netherlands)

RenewThink is proud to be the official GRI Data Partner for the Netherlands. GRI’s Data Partners constitute a global network that is pivotal in capturing new and relevant sustainability reporting information worldwide. Data Partners facilitate the tracking of global sustainability reporting trends, as reflected in GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database.

GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database  stores and tracks critical reporting and associated organizational data. Advanced search functionality allows filtering and sorting of reports and organizations by multiple criteria, revealing trends and patterns in reporting practice. The benchmarking tool facilitates easy comparison of GRI disclosure within and between sectors and regions around the globe. A reporting examples page allows organizations to share their experiences with regard to GRI reporting.

Do you want to include your report in the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database?

Please download, complete and send us the Report Registration Form using the links underneath. RenewThink will be in contact with you after receiving your submission and ensure inclusion in the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database.