Our Sustainable Reporting service helps you deliver the gold standard of Sustainability Reporting, using the globally recognized Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. For smaller organizations, we adopt the United Nations Global Compact format. Always in a practical, pragmatic and affordable manner

As part of our inclusive process, we engage with the full range of stakeholders in addition to the management. For all areas and aspects identified as material to your company, we collect and analyze data on company profile, performance, and governance. Performance Analysis focuses on Economic, Environmental, and Social Performance. Social Performance is inclusive of Labor Practice, Society, Human Rights and Product Responsibility Performance. Our 4-phase approach consists of (1) Engagement with management and stakeholders, (2) Data Collection and Analysis, (3) Performance Analysis and (4) Final Report & Action Plan.

Sustainability Reporting supports your business to be transparent, better able to attract, motivate and retain talent, mitigate risk by identifying material issues and vulnerabilities and help drive innovation by identifying business or new product opportunities. ?


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