In a step-by-step, practical process, engaging your key staff and external stakeholders, we identify trends in your markets and industry, analyze what your clients desire and what your competitors are up to. Our Sustainability Business Leap Report lays out the analysis and practical measures to transform your business step by step. With a focus on becoming more sustainable while directly improving your long-term results. The Sustainability Leap process is divided into two steps.

The first step delivers, through research of your market and inside your business, an overview on the sustainability state-of-the art in your market and your organization. Trends in innovation, regulation, specified targets. We assess how your clients and your competitors are working on it. We engage your key staff to understand what is already underway in your business, and where there is room for growth.

The second step delivers, through a series of workshops and subsequent action plan development, a clear basis for decisions on products, services and long term business vision. The interactive process ensures that your key staff are on board with the ambitions, and ready to implement as a Green Team. RenewThink will deliver apractical, actionable business and implementation plan for execution.

The Sustainability Leap process takes between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on your business. It will deliver practical insight into sustainability in your business, your competitors and clients. It will get your staff engaged further to support the transformation of your business and hand you an easy, step-by-step, practical plan.

Step 1 – Develop your customized Sustainability Leap Strategy

For a tailored market report on sustainability and associated opportunities, we use deskstudy to research sector-trends, ambitions, activities & results of your key clients and key competitors. For an analysis of your business’ sustainability ambitions, your supporting processes and opportunities, we will speak with key members of staff to analyze your ambitions, offerings and to discover which sustainability factors can most contribute towards revenue generation. If appropriate, we can survey your entire staff. We will test outcomes with some of your selected key clients, subject to your approval

Step 2 – Develop your Sustainability Leap Action Plan

Through a set of managed workshops, we will transform the Sustainability Leap Strategy into an Action Plan. The goal is to create imminent, real and practical market opportunities, while affecting the long-term vision for your business. The Action Plan includes a reality check: a succinct business plan, with clearly identified actions, implementation plan and solid financial analysis.

In a workshop ‘Products & Services’, we will spend a day with your Green Team to assess the chances and opportunities for sustainable products & services. We will identify which actions and changes are necessary for realization and deliver a practical inventory and work plan for new products & services. In a subsequent workshop ‘Sustainable Business Vision’, with a selection of key decision makers from your business, we will reflect on the strategic opportunities for your business: sustainable themes such as raw materials shortages, sharing-economy. We will explore the strategic options for the business as a sustainable business, leading to a vision for a sustainable future business.

Then comes the reality check – we review, test & critique the ambitions, with the help of 1-2 of your most trusted staff; deliver a set of recommentations on which actions to prioritize and implement. And underpin it with a succinct business plan.


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