The Green Room is designed to accelerate corporate sustainability efforts. To overcome both those barriers by creating a physical, visible environment where sustainability activities are centralized, and where sessions are organized to bring the core business of the corporation together with sustainability activities.

The Green Room mobilizes inherent interest and inspiration of the corporation’s people, creating a platform where employees, customers, local stakeholders or others can constructively contribute. The Green Room is a physical space to think, exchange thoughts and debate ideas. It is home base for corporate sustainability efforts: planning, coordinating, execution of sustainability initiatives

The Green Room needs programming to perform its function, in addition to being used as an internal meeting room or exhibition space. Programming includes:

  • Open venture café’s – events with inspirational speakers during lunch or directly after work hours, spotlighting Mastercard initiatives and facilitating networking amongst those interested in sustainability
  • Internal ‘Jam Sessions’ – prepared, organized workshop sessions where initiatives are developed to create sustainable business opportunities, to host elevator pitches for initiatives of staff or direct contacts of the organization
  • Exhibition space – display working documents, brainstorm charts, progress information and visual material on activities and projects.


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